How to Choose The Right Violin Teacher to Fit Your Learning Style

Many students ask how to choose the right violin teacher for them and some students make mistakes during this process. Choosing the right violin teacher is an important step in your learning experience. Your teacher will not only show you the mechanics of playing the violin, but can also have an impact on how much you enjoy the learning experience.

Many students start with an internet search, but don’t investigate further. This can be overwhelming, but can also lead to bookings with a teacher who might not be a good fit for you. At Music Lessons Australia, we have a wide variety of teachers available to provide you with the opportunity to learn. We can imply our recommendation for a teacher for your private lessons. Let’s look at how to choose a violin teacher that’s not only a great instructor in general, but is the right fit for you in particular.

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Choose Between Online & In-Person Lessons

First, decide if you are going to take violin lessons in person or online. If you are going to choose in-person lessons, distance may become a big factor in your immediate search. You’ll need to find out which violin teachers are in your immediate area. If you elect to pursue online lessons, distance is no longer a consideration, and you can take lessons with an instructor just about anywhere in the world. 

Consider Your Learning Style

Next, you need to think about what you as a student would like to learn and how you learn best. Are you interested in learning general technique, or do you have a specific piece in mind that you are practicing already? Would you like your focus to be on one genre of music or many? Are you a “try it out first and then ask for feedback” person? Or do you learn best by seeing the technique demonstrated first? Once you have these answers, you are ready to start looking at different teachers. At Music Lessons Academy, we prioritize the student and what they need from the private lessons.

Some Questions to Ask When Looking for a Teacher:

  • What makes this teacher love the violin so much?
  • How long has he or she played?
  • How does the teacher approach to teaching?
  • How does their approach resonate with you? Does it make sense for how you learn and what you want to learn?

Once you find a teacher that you would think would be a good fit, test it out for a trial lesson. Explain where you are with your studies and your interest in the violin.

Check Availability & Consider Time Zone

It also doesn’t hurt to ask about his or her availability. Many teachers may be able to fit you into an available time if someone has canceled. This way, you can get started learning the violin sooner!

Sending a couple messages back and forth is a great way to make first contact with a teacher. This will also help you get a sense of the violin teacher’s personality, find out their commitment level to their craft, and can confirm your belief that they will be a good match for you. 

The Best Teachers Truly Love Their Work

In my experience, the best violin teachers are the ones who are most excited about getting to know you and teaching the violin. While learning the violin can be a lot of hard work, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. If you’re wondering how to choose a violin teacher, simply follow these simple steps. Your effort will pay off in the long run, because with the right violin teacher, learning the violin won’t feel like work at all!


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