Lockdown Hobby – Learn To Play Your Favourite Songs

Aug 17, 2021 | MEDIA RELEASE

Will, 34, Learnt 2 of his Favourite Beatles Songs in Just 5 Weeks!

Being stuck at home during Covid lockdown gave Will the chance to rediscover some of his favourite old music.

A big Beatles fan, the 34-year-old had always wanted to be able to play his favourite songs, but had never learned an instrument as a child.

When he heard about one on one lessons being offered by Music Lessons Academy, he decided to sign up and have a crack at piano.

Fast forward five weeks and he was able to play his two all-time favourite tracks, Blackbird and Yesterday.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but my piano lessons were better than I could have imagined,” Will says. “My teacher focused on the songs I wanted to learn and now I can’t wait to learn more. It’s been a great skill to pick up and I look forward to continuing with online lessons during lockdown.”

Music Lessons Academy founder and CEO Kayla Caruso says it can seem like a big commitment to learn music from scratch as an adult, but her academy teachers set achievable goals to keep it fun.

“We focus on progress rather than perfection in the first weeks,” Kayla says. “You can progress and see yourself improving and playing some songs. It’s a lot different than spending a lot of time learning scales.”

During lockdown, music tuition is conducted live via zoom in a private one on one setting. Once restrictions are lifted, lessons will take place in students’ homes.

“We teach you how to teach yourself,” Kayla says. “You learn the fundamentals of music, learn your favourite songs and come out of lockdown with a full repertoire of performance pieces.

Kayla says many of the adults who get in touch are like Will, in that they want to learn something specific for fun.

“A couple of years ago, one guy came through wanting to learn a song to play for his wife at their wedding, which sounded very sweet. But it ended up being funny because it turned out to be this really fast EDM song which was actually quite sexual.”  

Music Lessons Academy charges $49.50 for a 45 minute lesson across a wide range of instruments and the majority of teachers are university students.

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