Music Teacher Audition & Application Stage

How to prepare for your audition and video application

About Music Teacher Jobs

Instrumental Audition Video

Video 1:

Please prepare a video audition of yourself performing on your instrument, demonstrating your technical capability. We are happy to accept older video performances as your audition if you cannot film yourself performing.


  • One performance piece on each instrument you’ve applied to teach,
  • The file must be submitted via the link below.

For any questions, please contact our Teacher Support team.

Video 2:

Please prepare a video interview application of yourself, demonstrating your personality and background. Use the questions below as a guide, and feel free to add any more details you feel is relevant to your application.

You can follow our guide below, or watch the preview of our Managing Director, Kayla, film her own video application.

The video does not need to be more than 7 minutes long, and should only take around 10 minutes to film & upload all in one take. 

Questions to answer: (Click Image for Printable PDF)

Introduce Yourself

Start with your name, age, and your instruments.

Your Studies

Do you study?
Where do you study?
What do you study?
How far into your studies are you?
What do you hope to do after you complete your studies?

Your Experience

Do you have previous teaching experience?
What can you tell us about your previous teaching experience? Who were the students you’ve previously taught?
Are you still teaching your students?
Who was your most experienced student?
Have you taken students through exams?

You & Music
  • What interests you in teaching music?

  • From your previous experience as a music student, what did you admire about your music teachers?

  • Most new teachers model their previous teacher’s style and approach to lessons, is there anything you would do differently to how you were taught?

  • If you haven’t completed your exam journey, do you have aspirations to complete a Certificate of Performance or Diploma level exam?

  • Most of our students come to us as complete beginners, would you feel confident teaching experienced students alongside beginner students?

Once you have recorded your application video & audition video, submit your videos using the button below. For any questions, please contact the Teacher Support team.

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